BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY & a YouTube video.

6 05 2008

Well I am not the first blogger to say this, but far out, real life is really really busy. University reports, assignments and all those other things that make life distinct from the Internet and blogging are up and running. This makes it really difficult to blog. I really don’t understand (excluding those that get paid to blog) how people can blog 3/4 posts a day. I salute you all (or laugh at you for going a tad overboard, whatever way you want to look at it 😉 ). Oh and let’s not forget the exams that are coming up. Yay! Who’s excited?

So to finish of in some half ass sort of way (as has been done so before sadly) I will put this video I saw up here for others to see. All I can say is damn. TV is such a powerful tool to show you things that are so obvious and yet, so many people miss it and make the same mistake. The vicious cycle continues etc. Suddenly all those rapists, psychopaths and stalkers don’t seem so unreal. They were just doing what others before them have done. Nothing new. So why are we still getting shocked?

(Ah this reminds me to make a post about my views on capital punishment for some reason….I shall make a draft of that me thinks)

Anyway sorry again to all you wonderful awesome super cool readers out there (totalling zero of course but shhhh). I will try and reduce my life and spend more time on this stupid blog in future. 😀



Ask A Ninja. You got Q, Ninja got A.

17 04 2008

Yeah, I have been a bit busy with life and homework and assignments so I haven’t posted anything full on lately. I still am quite busy actually so that’s why I am making this short.

 Anyway, who here wants to LOL. I knew there was this pirates vs ninjas craze on the Internet but I had no idea about this guy and he has been around for ages! (Shows how much I know about YouTube). God, this is probably old news, but whatever, everyone has to see this guy.

Seriously though, do check out the website or if you can’t be bothered just watch them on YouTube. I could not stop laughing at some of his random comments. Dragorgoyle. Sea serpents and Asps. Poison Ice bolts with Botulism, HAHAHAHAHAHA absolutely hilarious, *throws shuriken at you* and so on the randomness about Ninjas go. Here is one of the videos (out of many) for you to LOL about.

I look forward to posting other blog posts in the future (after I kill some assignments).

PS. I have to admit though, after viewing the 10th episode in a row I got pretty annoyed at the theme song! But apart from that they all rock.

Beauty…it’s in the eye of the…uh photoshop actually.

9 04 2008

I do not read magazines. Any types really. I have gotten FHM and Zoo from a friend and I have even read up on Men’s Health at work (during the lunch break someone gave it to me to show me a random bunch of articles). Hence you can say I do not get influenced by magazines all too much. Like most dudes, I really don’t care about another ‘dude’s appearance, and I have not thought twice about what they were wearing or if they have smooth silky skin from the moisturizer ad (I rather look at the two/four page spread of the hot chick before the skin care ad, but hey that’s just me!)

Um how about no, man whore!

OMG! Where do I sign up?!

Moving on!

For girls it is of course a different story. Now I am going to keep this short as it’s a sensitive issue and you probably know a lot more about it than I do and it’s probably none of my business. However, I do want you to take a look at some of the videos below. I am sure many of you have seen them already, but for the few that haven’t; prepare to be amazed! I was when I first saw them and I can not stop looking at them. So this is now a common thing then? Are all girls that we see on the magazines and the web done this way? As you can see, for some you do not even need make up to begin with and you can just add on with Photoshop all the necessities to make you look ‘beautiful’. However all of them were beautiful to begin with (I am sure internal beauty can fit somewhere here as well) and the Photoshop was only done to….well sell more magazines of course. Anyway ill shut up now, I am not here to rant, but rather to show you some videos :). Enjoy!

Be amazed #1:

Be amazed #2:

Be amazed #3:

Be amazed #4:

And finally to finish of with a laugh 🙂

Randy Pausch – Last Lecture

29 03 2008

So I managed to find this video in one piece. Not like my previous attempt at posting up videos on my blog. So annoying! Anyway this is a lecture given by Randy Pausch and without giving too much away (for the few that have not seen it yet) I advise you to watch it in it’s entirety (it goes for well over an hour though so don’t watch it at work haha) as I think it is absolutely incredible (and trust me, the ending is really worth it, so don’t stop half way)! Anyway I hope you enjoy the lecture.  

inequity, inequity, inequity!

25 03 2008

So I came across an incredible speech today. Great to see that there are people like Bill Gates spreading the message across. Thought id share it with anyone who cares to have a look at it, as it deserves a lot more viewers than what it has at the moment. Currently the clip has only been viewed 100,000 times (the subsequent parts even less). On the other hand strange (some might say “wacked”) clips like “Charlie the Unicorn” have 21 million views. Disgusting! Anyway hope you enjoy the speech:

 Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

& Finally Part 5:

PS. I too am annoyed at the fact that the speech was divided up into five parts… 😡