1000 viewers!

25 04 2008

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.Walter Elliott

That’s right, the title says it all! I have now attained 1000 viewers on my pathetic excuse of a blog! Woah this calls for celebrations. I seriously did not expect it to go past 10 people after 2 months so this is quite a surprise to me!

So to celebrate this achievement, I shall dedicate this entire blog post to YOU the viewer! Yup that’s right all one thousand of you will be given a big THANK YOU message at the conclusion of this blog to show my vast vast appreciation.


So here goes:


 Wan touzand


From the bottom of my heart I want to take this opportunity in regards to all 1000 viewers out there….




The list needs to be trimmed down and re organized. Firstly out of those 1000 individuals 298 don’t exist! What? How can they not exist? Well that is according to this link they don’t and wordpress.com does funky stuff with the stats re inflating them. OK OK that’s fine, I won’t give up on this minor setback:


702 No Doubt.jpg

Pootie tanging? Scary Movie 4 ref? what?


To all 702 real and living individual viewers out there I just wanted to say…



Actually, now that I think about it, that number above is wrong as well. I just remembered about all the times I actually access my wordpress blog from university and there are times that I forget to log on! So that brings the total number of viewers EXCLUDING me to um… 394 (What I like my own creation no matter how much it sucks 😀 ). But it’s OK that still leaves me plenty of people to be grateful for:



Would you buy the above number for $484 bucks + P&H? Word…. er I mean… Number….


So then; to all 394 viewers out there that don’t include me and do actually exist..


 Wait wait wait wait…. To be fair now, not everyone deserves thanks. I mean think about it. Some people came here because it was ‘their job’ to come here. Look at all those sidebar widgets and blog directories and all the other useless crap on the side of my blog. For a lot of them, I had to actually sign up, wait for someone from their copany to pop in and make sure my blog doesn’t consist of child molestation or spam before I get added to their list. Ok that brings it down to 256 viewers.

Split Screen in Pac Man.gif

Believe it or not, that is the final level of Pacman (Yup level 256).


Well then; to the select 256 viewers, that came here on a voluntary non-pay, non-job related basis, it is my honour to…


“Aaaaaaargh what now!”, the crowd (er invisible crowd)  is asking in a frustrated manner. There is another group of viewers that also need to be excluded. That’s right you know who I am talking about. The sploggers/scrappers and all relations to them (hosts/lawyers/judges etc checking up my site before they go about shutting their splog site down). This is fairly self explanatory so I will move on. OK now I am left with… Oh my… 143 people.

Baseball Jersey

1″do not” 43… SORRY!

So to all 143 people out there that came here on their own will with no intentions..


STOP STOP STOP!!!!! You hear me? 

 Stop sign MUTCD.svg or Tomare.PNG


There is ONE FINAL (haha yeah right) exception that I need to make. To be fair there has been a number of places where I have gone first (including wordpress forum) before they came to me. Yeah that’s right… So this actually brings down the correct value to 55 viewers. Schfifty five? You thought right haha!

But anyway: excluding all those that came here via Google searching for “old naked ladies” and “old lady taking a poop” among other disgusting things (I am sadly not joking 😦 , but to make fun out of them, I shall post a blog dedicated to all the randomness that comes my way! 🙂 ) This really brings down the value to:…………………………*drum roll*………


Thanks Charlie for the excellent drum roll. Please put your T-shirt back on now.


 -24  no wait, 23 INDIVIDUALS.


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU all 23 viewers out there for stopping by. 

Looking forward on celebrating my next achievement of reaching 46 individual viewers that do really exist, exclude me, came here by accident while they were not getting paid, are living and not undead, are not involved with stealing my blog, came here before I saw their blog and didn’t get here while searching for something sexual on google. Boy does that narrow it down.

Peace out!


Wikipedia: 6 degrees of separation game

12 04 2008

So who here looks at Wikipedia? Right now how many of you millions of people read up on an article, but then you get so distracted that you go from looking at the “periodic table” to “field hockey” (No im serious: Periodic table –> 27 January –> Albert, Duke of Saxony –> Friesland —> Ice skating —> Field hockey!! There is a reason why I study away from the computer!

You probably have already heard of the concept of ‘6 degrees of separation‘. You also probably have heard of the random games activities that are undertaken in places like Facebook and the Internet in general. But did you know there is a Wikipedia version as well? Haha how random. Actually found it hard to see any other blogs do this apart from this dude that explained their version of it, but no one actually doing it on wordpress. So I will begin it here on my blog. Put your hand up if your bored! If you have your own set, feel free to show me so I can look at it and laugh 😀

The Problem with Wikipedia


1. Pick a topic about anything (I.e Science, Art, Maths, Life, Biology, Cockroaches, South Park, Leafy vegetables anything!)

2.From the topic you have chosen open up a random articles on Wikipedia related to that topic (type it out to get to it)

3. Click on a Wikipedia link in the article, then do that again and again until you have done it 6 times.

4. Now your objective is to get from the first article you chose to a completely unrelated article (that can be funny/random/strange/distracting to your education/) (Note: It’s not as hard as it sounds haha!

5. Repeat steps 1-4 9 more times!

So here is my take on it:

TOPIC: Science (“Ugh so predictable, I thought you were going to pick Shakespeare?!?!”)

1. CytokineKilodalton-Chlorine-Chlorine bombings in Iraq-Terrorism in Tajikistan-Tohir Yo‘ldosh

2. EnzymeTemperature-First law of thermodynamics-United States-Slavery in the United States-Sexual slavery

3. MoleculeRock (geology)-Rock-I Wanna Rock-National Lampoon’s Animal House-Zeta Beta Tau

4. Hemoglobin-Gill – Crustacean-Sea louse-British Columbia-Serbian language

5. Carcinogen-Formaldehyde-Quaternium15-Allergy-Oral-Oral sex (HAH as if you didn’t see that one coming)

6. Knockout mice-Obesity-Fat acceptance movement-Hatred-Surprise (emotion)-Startle reaction

7. Atherosclerosis-Stenosis-Subglottic stenosis-Otolaryngology-Empty nose syndrome-Sesame

8. Thrombin-Lupus anticoagulant-Dilute Russell’s viper venom time-Daboia-Hindi-Hindi-Urdu grammar

9. Ebola-Ebola River-Democratic Republic of the Congo-Women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo-Bukavu-Panzi Hospital (LOL I don’t want to be mean but LOL).

10. Sodium chloride-Soap-Coconut oil-Copra-Tiptur-Taluks of Karnataka

That’s that! At least it filled up the boredom. Now maybe I should start reading up some journals for my next assignment!

Wikipedia Band Game

3 04 2008

Props goes to “CrispSeptember – An Artists Refuge” for the game (I am not sure if the person made it up but I will use it none-the-less 😉 )

To play the Wikipedia Band Game…

1.Go to the Wikipedia home page and click “random article” (in the menu on the left). That is your band’s name.

2. Click random article again; that is your album name.

3. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

4.Add a random album cover to go with it. Go to flickr and choose a photo the was recently added.

Album cover from flickr:

Band Name: Aminata Sow Fall AKA ASF (Dedicated to our favourite Senegalese-born author)

Album Name: On-line identity (Feel the identity not just live, but on-line as well!)

1. Fubuki Kakuyoku (Group favourite Japanese porn-star)
2. List of communities in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (Drummer grew up here)
3. Baby Cakes (Guitarist likes to eat babies made out of cakes…Yum yum….Or is it cakes made out of babies!>!??! Hmmm well leave the guitarists tendencies aside)
4. 1973 Mountjoy Prison helicopter escape (Our guitarist rode the helicopter)
5. Operation Purple Haze (Description the vocalists gives when he injects himself with crack)
6. Luit Bieringa (This is the drummers uncle)
7. Courtnall (The parents of the guitarist)
8. 2567 Elba (Well not all songs have to have a specific dedication do they! Sometimes we were just high OK?)
9. Allison ‘Tootie’ Montana (Stripper in Lebanon, Tennessee-Gave lap dance to each member of the band)
10. Eucalyptus pyriformis (Our floral emblem, you can see it on the album cover if you look carefully enough)
11. The King’s Head, Amlwch (The king’s head is just random and ‘Amlwch’ is the drummer typing his name on the keyboard with his elbow)
12. How Does That Grab You? (Bit of a catchy retro tune that has the same words repeat over and over again, drummer does a solo performance at the end… no one cares…)
13. Christopher Finch-Hatton, 15th Earl of Winchilsea (Vocalists grandma)
14.Saint-Aignan, Gironde (Our saviour)
15. Zebulun (band) (We used to be a part of this band… But then we forked away from it because we have more style and pizza… Hence this is a tribute to them, for all the pies filled with cheese)

” To order your copy for 9 easy payments of $32.96 (+$46.55 P+H, more for mobile users) call 1800-ASF-ROCKS and wait 6 weeks before we move location and empty your entire bank balance… Er I mean nothing :D. Buy 3 and get the 5th one free. Give some to all your friends! Or stuff.”

Oh and you might be wondering… What role do I play in the band? I am the triangle man of course. (Is the correct plural for people who play the triangle “triangullarists?)

Ps. After my last blog, I CBF putting links to every single bloody noun in the blog. Look them up yourself!