Massive apologies!

15 09 2008

I have neglected my blog for so long! Sorry y’all!

Unfortunately I will be neglecting the blog still for a few more weeks yet…. There is something really really really MAJOR happening in my life that I can not really use up the time with blogging as addictive as I remember that feeling to be – even if the crap I write is not Pulitzer worthy (or mater of fact local student magazine worthy).

So anyway, when the current major occurrence in my life passes well, I shall make the big announcement and come back to this blog and celebrate by having cyber champagne… or well you get the idea.

Thanks everyone for still visiting (I am quite shocked to see that I am actually getting over one viewer a day after such a long period of inactivity).

So so-long! Will get back to this thing as I said above in a few weeks (10 weeks tops LoL!)

*pKay waves hands frantically and then scutters back to his study desk*


Story of the starfish.

4 07 2008

It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.Tom Brokaw

Starfish 05 (paulshaffner).jpg

I was originally going to write about something else, but after reading through this incredible blog I just had to write about it. If you get anything out of my little blog, then it would be to go over there and read some incredible stories. It makes me feel very privileged and I should be very grateful to be in a part of the world where I do not fear for my life, when driving a car, or when living in my home or going to hospital. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are and how much for granted we take many things. I salute the owner of that blog and anyone else who is willing to stay in countries such as South Africa and try to do good for their country. Very brave and very noble. Never give up!

Which brings me to the next point. This is an excerpt (or a cut out, however you want to call it) from this one source of a scene (or a passage, again however you want to call it) that I thought I will share with everyone (anyone?) out there. I got the inspiration as I mentioned from reading the blog and in particular the latest post on that blog. The owner of that blog actually mentioned “the story of the starfish” and I think this is referring to the same/similar thing. 🙂 Hence enjoy: 


The balloon lands in a small open area, on the south beach of Cabeiri.  You get off and the balloon sails back into the sky.

The sand here gets very hot in the daytime. The beach | [ ] – [X]      
carries on to the west and to the southeast lay some    |           \ 
cliffs. There are several balloons here that will take     |             [ ]
you to different areas around this world. A beach        |
house is not too far from here either.                         |

There are three obvious exits:  house, west, and southeast.

The Balloon Keeper is here.

Balloon keeper says: Welcome to the balloon landing.  There is a sign here which lists the services available, I hope you enjoy the ride.


>”You go South East”

There is very little life here. The coast is rocky        | [ ]            
and the cold sea air blows harshly against your        |    \       
skin.                                                                 |     [X]


The only obvious exit is northwest.

A starfish is here.

>”You look at the starfish”

>”Suddenly from observing the starfish, you rember the story told many moons ago…”

A wise man was taking a sunrise walk along the beach.  In the distance he caught sight of a young man who seemed to be dancing along the wave. As he got closer he saw that the young man was picking up starfish from the sand and tossing them gently back into the ocean.

“What are you doing?” the wise man asked.
“The sun is coming up and the tide is going out; if I don’t throw them in, they’ll die.”
“But young man, there are miles and miles of beach with starfish along it.  You can’t possibly make a difference.”

The young man bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it lovingly back into the ocean, past the breaking waves.
“It makes a difference for that one,” he replied.

>”After the reminiscing of the story you pick up the starfish”

The one starfish is in your hands.

“You know what to do with it”


Sacrifice over… for now.

30 06 2008

To many people holidays are not voyages of discovery, but a ritual of reassurance. – Philip Andrew Adams

Hey all! Miss me? Come on, say it’s true. 😉

Exams are over! The semester is over! The holidays have begun… well actually they begun a few days ago but I only settled in ‘holiday mode’ now. So then what is the first thing I do when jumping on the net? Write a blog! 😛 This is however a little note to say that all is well, all is going fine and there are no problems in my world outside of blogging! I got so many little tidbits of things to talk about and say but they will have to wait until another time (and this other time will be very very soon 🙂 ).

Just thought I would mention my little bit of thanks for all those loyal visitors that stopped by after I took time of! I was actually surprised I got above one viewer after my ~2 month hiatus from this. Glad to see there are still people who would rather procrastinate than do actual work!


Anyway, time for me to shut up. Will write again soon!



2 06 2008

It is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.Henry Ward Beecher

Woah that was a fun semester. In a strange random super fast sort of way. I had so many assignments/reports/essays/homework/orals/etc to do that it completely consumed my life. Oh and the actual having a life outside of blogging didn’t help this blog much. Ah but unfortunately I am only here to make a quick little ‘hello’ to anyone out there still paying attention to this blog (population zero). Yes I am still alive and well and yes I got many more stories to tell. Unfortunately they will have to wait until I finish my exams which will take the greater part of June. I won’t be logging on here until then but I do hope you all have a great June (whatever you happen to be doing around June!)

All the best everyone!


14 04 2008

OK so I am exaggerating with my heading a tiny bit. None-the-less this short article from the journal ‘Science’  does mention the possibility of the black hole in the centre of our Milky Way galaxy (yeah I didn’t know there was a black hole in the centre of our Milky Way galaxy either but moving on) blowing up spewing gamma radiation and other harmful radiation potentially turning us all into a bunch of mutants! (Well actually that will be if you are lucky… Think ‘I am Legend‘ scenario)

I am going to suck your blood! Cowabungaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dude!!!

Stupidity aside, near the end of the article, they give the cliched ‘well this will probably not happen, but a bunch of scientists say it’s theoretically possible‘.




 So………I am sitting on my chair, leaning on my desk, in my room, in my house, on my street…. (Fast-forward) in my solar system, in the Orion belt, in my milky way galaxy, and there is the random potential possibility that everything, and I mean everything can disappear in an instance?

It is just stunning to think that after everything that has happened, 4.5 billion years of time (evolution, dinosaurs, bacteria, Homo erectus and least of all us), can vanish with out a trace. To think that a bunch of aliens can come hovering in their spacecraft after the elimination of our Milky Way galaxy and be like “well there’s nothing but empty space here, let’s move on”….

The black hole is apparently in the middle. (Quite shiny for a black hole don’t you think?)

Furthermore all of it is just talked about in a casual, don’t worry the probability of that happening is near zero point 1 to the 89th decimal place, but the probability increases slightly over time (so in 19 billion years, the threat might be very real).

OK so where am I going with all of this? (Not very far…but anyway). Seriously though, all this talk about how we have absolutely no control in what goes on with anything outside of this earth makes me feel very small. Helpless and small… I mean what is the point of it all? It is all going to end anyway?

I don’t know what I am saying any more… But it just makes me stop and wonder sometimes…. makes me realize that, you know… I am so tiny in the big scheme of things. We all are. So what I do will not change the universe in any shape or form and I am nothing more than a clump of atoms making up a clump of molecules making up a clump of cells.

Aaaargh I feel your confusion freakazoid.

But wait…. what is the point though of being on this earth? If I am so insignificant…? There must be some point. Some reason. I dont’ know how to put it into words… When people have written entire libraries about this kind of deep and meaningful intellectual shit, what chances do I have in a little measly blog post that is even less significant than me! 

I don’t know. Reading that article just reminded me of that scene in Men in Black (well the ending actually so I am not going to spoil it even though everyone has already seen it). So to sum up the above:  I just touched on in a number of issues in an incoherent fashion about blah. Hence I think I am just going to stop typing and leave most of the philosophy for the philosophers.

Answer to Life.png

One opinion of the meaning of life.

But still, I can’t help wondering stuff sometimes at night when articles like the above prompt me to it… Maybe I should take up a hobby to stop having excess time to think about stuff. Like that assignment that got dished out recently hey?

Randy Pausch – Last Lecture

29 03 2008

So I managed to find this video in one piece. Not like my previous attempt at posting up videos on my blog. So annoying! Anyway this is a lecture given by Randy Pausch and without giving too much away (for the few that have not seen it yet) I advise you to watch it in it’s entirety (it goes for well over an hour though so don’t watch it at work haha) as I think it is absolutely incredible (and trust me, the ending is really worth it, so don’t stop half way)! Anyway I hope you enjoy the lecture.