Recipe for disaster?

21 03 2008

The beginnings of all things are small. – Cicero 

WELCOME (now with that out of the way let’s get right into it):

Ok so this is how this whole blog thing will work (not all points apply for every single blog):

1. Catchy title. – How cheesy it sounds is up for interpretation. Its purpose is to try to be witty.

2. Quote with a theme about post. – Somehow related to the post/page in question.

3. Biased Post about anything. – Essay about something interesting. Any type of scope (science, art, school, whatever I feel like basically).

4. ——–. – Line separating the biased post from next section.

5. Opposing views. – What other people think of this.

6. See also section. – Whatever was not linked throughout the blog will get added here.

7. Comments. – I assumed that comments got carried out from one place to the other, but it seems here in WordPress the comments get replied to the original blog place. So I decided to do that as well and reply to any comments anyone is kind enough to leave me a message 🙂

That should be it. Hope you enjoy my blog!