Beauty…it’s in the eye of the…uh photoshop actually.

9 04 2008

I do not read magazines. Any types really. I have gotten FHM and Zoo from a friend and I have even read up on Men’s Health at work (during the lunch break someone gave it to me to show me a random bunch of articles). Hence you can say I do not get influenced by magazines all too much. Like most dudes, I really don’t care about another ‘dude’s appearance, and I have not thought twice about what they were wearing or if they have smooth silky skin from the moisturizer ad (I rather look at the two/four page spread of the hot chick before the skin care ad, but hey that’s just me!)

Um how about no, man whore!

OMG! Where do I sign up?!

Moving on!

For girls it is of course a different story. Now I am going to keep this short as it’s a sensitive issue and you probably know a lot more about it than I do and it’s probably none of my business. However, I do want you to take a look at some of the videos below. I am sure many of you have seen them already, but for the few that haven’t; prepare to be amazed! I was when I first saw them and I can not stop looking at them. So this is now a common thing then? Are all girls that we see on the magazines and the web done this way? As you can see, for some you do not even need make up to begin with and you can just add on with Photoshop all the necessities to make you look ‘beautiful’. However all of them were beautiful to begin with (I am sure internal beauty can fit somewhere here as well) and the Photoshop was only done to….well sell more magazines of course. Anyway ill shut up now, I am not here to rant, but rather to show you some videos :). Enjoy!

Be amazed #1:

Be amazed #2:

Be amazed #3:

Be amazed #4:

And finally to finish of with a laugh 🙂