One month!

21 04 2008

Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the “right stuff” to turn our dreams into reality. James Womack

So today my blog turns 1 month. Wow, talk about commitment. No seriously, with reaching one month this makes me more committed than my:

  1. Diet (mmmmm chicken) – I don’t know about you but Celery is the suck.
  2. Assignments – I can not remember the last time I finished an assignment 3 or more days in advance.
  3. Political stance – Liberal/Labor/Democrat/Republic/Moderate. Changes with each changing phase of the moon. Thank god I did not take politics.
  4. Wikipedia – Confused with this? Let me explain. At one point in the past I got really nerdy and felt like signing up on Wikipedia from my UNI computers and decided to contribute to Wikipedia by writing articles and all that type of crap. Took 5 mins before I decided vandalizing an article about earth bacteria is so much more fun. The vandalism? I placed a cake recipe in between the article. HA HA the vandalism stayed on for 2 days and I got a big orange message saying if I do that again I will get banned. I guess I will stick to viewing Wikipedia.
    -Having said that, if you know a wikipedian, congratulate him for his efforts. I seriously do not know how they can write so much and put so much effort on some of those articles. Word!
  5. Last girlfriend – Ugh lets not go there. (*cough one week cough*). Fun while it lasted I suppose 😀
  6. Treadmill. Did this for a good 3 weeks. I can’t remember what pulled me away from it, but it had something to do with fat, chicken and more fat :D.
  7. Hate for my job. Deep down I love it and have lots of fun, minus all the verbal abuse by the feral’s.
  8. Myspace – Got over it after almost a month. Facebook on the other hand is quite entertaining and actually went past the one month stage.
  9. Blogger. – I would say something but some things are better left unsaid (er unwritten that is..)
  10. Love for physics. *picture the chanting and picket signs* “Down with physics! Down with physics!” 



A16 IMF march.jpg

This pic doesn’t really serve a necessary purpose but I thought the sign was a bit random (IMF:Imperial Mother Fucker haha) and it is probably a good way for me to finish of.


ROCK ON bloggers! Will recap again in a month’s time… Unless I get over WordPress by then..Hmmm I hear Typepad is rocking.. (JUST KIDDING WordPress 😉 )


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that I abuse for my assignment(s)!

31 03 2008

Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales

So I just finished another batch of my never-ending assignments! Both of them are due tomorrow and it turned out quite annoying that both assignments from different subjects would be due on the same day. I was surely doomed to fail… How was I to complete two 1,500 hundred word assignments within the short period of time!? All about proteins, ions, carbohydrates and potassium

‘FAIL FAIL FAIL’, spat the first assignment topic!!

‘You got no chance tool‘, said the other topic… 

But then just when all was lost…. When misery was beginning to ensue, when that sense of feeling like crap came in….. when all was just about too late…. something happened… what’s that… through the internet jungle mist…. past all the vast repositories of on-line porn(HAHA I bet you clicked on it, PERV!), past all the club penguin word-press blogs, past any blog technorati can grab with it’s tenticles on….. there glowing slightly far of in the distance…. is Wikipedia!

Ah, all was not lost! I discarded all those unneeded websites that I was goggling, banished the hoard of club penguin blogs, told technorati to shut-up and ping me another day…. I went to Wikipedia…. climbed into it’s temple (sexual innuendo?) and it gave me everything I needed to know…. The blasted ass-ignments, no longer a threat wrote themselves. 

 I had now finished on time, two assignment beast’s and I am proud for my victory. I can now throw them in the bottomless pigeon hole where they will reach the nether realm of the university den infested with skeksies -er I mean professors.

^Notice how the said individual’s evil eye is portrayed, signifying their lust for constant supplies of assignments!*

[Think really fast advertisement voice]*Above image may not be representative of all evil lecturers, variations may apply, for premature ejaculation do see your physician.

They will analyze the beastly assignments around their dark crys… er Meeting room (aka coffeDrinksR-us), glancing at their disgusting appearance (stainingthem on occasion), then throwing them into the fiery pit, (Aka ‘student assignment collection chute’) where those brave enough to venture into that hall observe the charred remains of these disgusting creatures (10/10?fail?pass?).

……Ugh OK I think that’s enough role play for one blog….  To sum up:Wikipedia rocks, and had it not been for it’s ease of access of so many articles on so many scientific terms and topics, I surely would have had no chance at still being at UNI. Since I first used the Calcium article verbatim for my chemistry project (“Ass Q’s: write about calcium”) back in year 12, to the current battle, Wikipedia helps me through the way….and with that, I am forever grateful.

 Great to see Wikipedia at 10 milion articles (English version with 2.3 mil) Can’t wait to celebrate the 20 millionth article with the 5th million English Wikipedia article….. I wonder what will be the 20 millionth Wikipedia article? A club penguin blog of notability perhaps?


There are no opposing views….. Everyone loves Wikipedia…. You love wikipedia…. Come give Wikipedia a hug…. (1984 ref… and I can’t be bothered making another damn link Lol)