There’s no reason to throw out copyrights just because you’re on the Internet, … Deal with it.James Grady

[Note:Before I begin you might be wondering two things: ‘What is the purpose of this page?’ Short answer: Legal reasons/deterrent/protection of creation/mucking around.]

This will be updated more so in the future…. For the mean time (May 4th, 2008 ) I just wanted to mention a few points:

1. Commenting. If you are kind enough to leave me a message on my blog I will write a reply on the same blog to keep the conversations flowing. I initially didn’t think this was a good idea, but it seems to be the method in which people communicate here in WordPress (Previous blogs I owned didn’t have this blogging etiquette)… Having said that if you leave me a comment with your website I will be kind enough to visit it and you just might get your own comment on your blog :).

2.To make sure I do not keep my blogs cluttered with my comments, I shall have one post where I reply to everyone in the particular blog. Example:

Comment 1: Heyyyyyyyy great blog. Have a good day. John

Comment 2: OMG UR BLOG is da suxorsszs. Keep it up! Bryan.

Instead of writing a reply for both John & Bryan separately I will just write one comment and reply to them indicating by name who I am replying to…. So:

Comment 3: Thanks John, yeah I try hehe, you have a good day too. Bryan: Um thanks? HAHA cheers!

My comment would be usually at the very end of all the other comments.

2.1. DATES will be added next to the name of the reply to indicate when I replied to the individual.

2.1.169. After getting a comment or 2 that is not made by me (just so I look like I have friends) I realized that my reply back can get very very very long. So point 2 will be limited to one response per 5 comments.

2.2. An exception to this would be if there are multiple posts by the same person in a single blog or page. Then I too would have to make additional posts.

3. I will not modify any of your comments. The only exception to this is spam (If it is obvious spam and goes in AKISMET I will delete it, see 3.1 for details) and blatant offensive material. Anything else though such as a simple HI to a long essay will not be edited unless you ask me to change something (spelling, grammar etc).

3.1. Any spam that passes through AKISMET will be modified in a humorous way :). (I know the proper thing to do would probably be to ‘report it as spam’ so AKISMET can learn but I am sure there are hundreds of such spam’s that do get reported anyway)… Out of all spam that I have received (30.April.08) all spam except two has passed through AKISMET… so not so bad 😛).

4. I shall remain anonymous with this blog. Reason for this is that I will be more open withissues and will be able to talk about things that I would rather not talk about withmy own identity. Example: Bad mouthing company, complaining about university, etc etc… Only problem with this is I will get less comments from family and friends but this is where YOU RANDOMS COME IN AND COMMENT ;).

5. Having said that you do not need to comment on my blog witha WordPress account. You are more than welcome to post anonymously, withor without email, withor without a WordPress account. As a mater of fact it doesn’t even have to be in ENGLISH (but I warn you, my Spanish isn’t that smooth). I like to hear views and opinions from all walks of life (positive & negative). So there are no limitations :). 

6. If for some reason or another you think I have stolen/taken/copied anything from your blog/published source/website/image/diagram/excerpt/video/whatever PLEASE INFORM ME AND I WILL REMOVE IT. We all make mistakes and on occasion I might copy a picture from Googleimages (with out any harm)… If you allow me to keep the item in my blogI will do as you withme to do with it. I shall give you credit to it and link to your blog/website/whatever. Reason I am saying this is because I use pictures for my blog from Google images or from Wikipedia. The Google images are usually pictures that are not from the original owner anyway and Wikipedia has a FREE LICENSE agreement so I am safe, but I repeat, accidents do occur so just kindly inform me and we will deal with the problem.

7. My grammar/spelling/vocabulary is not the best in the world. Apologies to my mistakes in advance. I am from a non-English background so I try to learn (and blogging would surely help hehe).

8. Following on from point 7: I might not talk formal or proper at certain times in my comments/blogs/pages and I may occasionally swear. My line of reasoning is that since it’s not a published journal or a peer reviewed article and the fact that there is a lack of a through review by an editor, then it doesn’t really mater. Swearing is usually for a comic effect and not a sign of frustration or anger LOL :). I see the glass half full…

9. You might find that I have a morbid/dark/freaky/strange/fucked up/ sense of humor. People with my background (biomedical scientists) tend to have their own niche humor that might not comply with social norms. Take it as it is. (Note: Obviously not everyone with a biomedical science degree. But you would be surprised at some of the nut jobs that get into my course).

10. Blogroll; I feel that if a person was to add me to their blogroll, it is my honor to return them the favor. This in particular applies as not a lot of people actually add me to their blogroll LOL. But yeah, this is so others and I can visit the site more often :). If I add you to a blogroll and you haven’t, I do not expect you to add me to yours. You can if you want to and if you do, I am grateful. But I will not be angry if you don’t and it’s not compulsory. Some people have already too many to look at so this is understandable :).

11. This probably goes without saying but I will not make any changes to any of my blogs after a few days of it being published. Exception to this is spelling/grammar/pronunciation that I might notice if I was to look at the blog post in the future.

11.1. The pages at the top though (Who Am I?, Articles of excellence, guestbook, this page etc etc) will be modified from time to time as needed.

12. Categories/Tag Clouds: My categories are quite organized. My tags however are a complete disaster and you probably should avoid them haha.

13.  …Under construction. (For now it is only the 12 points above and the final one below)…


Final term(more disclaimer points will be added above this).  Finally I shall now state my own terms for my blog: This is here for one reason only. To ensure that my content is secured and the life of the splogger/scrapper/asshole is made as difficult as possible in his objective of gaining money in his blog (You will be given a better explanation in the block quote below). So without further delay I finish of with the block quote:

Friendly DISCLAIMER: (If you are NOT a SCRAPPER, SPLOGGER or anything in between this breed of asshole then you are more than welcome to ignore the below disclaimer)

Hi there! This page like all other blogs and pages on this site (RSS FEED) are property of the one and only pKay. You are more than welcome to put an excerpt on your blog if you feel the need to do so, granted you do not modify the text in any way and you give me full credit (trackbacks, pingbacks or any other method of mention 🙂 ) for my creation. However this only applies to genuine blogs and genuine people. Scrappers, Splogers, and any other blog that has a purpose only to steal other peoples contents to make AD money will NOT BE TOLERATED and I will do everything in my power to SHUT YOU DOWN. More information can be found here, here and here. Have a good day and I hope to see you again soon :).

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by CopyscapeMyFreeCopyright.com Registered & ProtectedCreative Commons License
Catchy, Cheesy, Cytokines. by pKay is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Australia License.
Based on a work at pkayski.wordpress.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://pkayski.wordpress.com/.

 If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me via a comment anywhere in this blog, withyour real email (I will NOT reveal it to anyone) and we can go from there. Death to the SCRAPPERS! That is all.


4 responses

14 04 2008

Ha! I’m a biomed alum and I think you’re wrong… everyone in biomed is a crazy fuck! 🙂

14 04 2008

LOL glad to know that this is not just an accidental occurrence in my UNI and is in fact, prevalent in a number of other places….

This is also common in people studying psychology (I happen to have a few friends doing a “bachelor of psychology” degree and they share my crazy sense of behaviour and humor! To think they might one day talk to people about their problems when they are not 100% OK themselves!

Cheers buddy!

31 01 2012

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