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Reading makes a full man, meditation a profound man, discourse a clear man.Benjamin Franklin

So anyway this is not really a feature that I need on my blog and I doubt I will get tons and tons of email (spam not included). However, I had no idea how else to fill up the top bar of my blog so I figured I will add this in as well. Hence, if you happen to have questions or you wanted to say something to me in private, or you just felt like saying hello in a private manner, feel free to type up some words together and I will be happy to reply. Since my blog is still new, you shall get a reply really quickly ^_~.

Note: I will not reveal your name and email to anyone. Furthermore if you do NOT want the comment to appear on the blog, please indicate that as well :). Reason I say that is, if you happen to write up an excellent little email about stuff, I might feel the need to showcase it’s awesomeness to the rest of the world (well blog world…well actually not many people will see it because I get 4 visitors a month…Uh oh I said too much :)) :D. So to repeat: Name & Email will be kept confidential, and if you do not want the comment appearing anywhere on the blog, indicate as such somewhere in the email.

Thank you for visiting.


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