Who am I?

 Every person is the creation of himself, the image of his own thinking and believing. As individuals think and believe, so they are. – Claude M. Bristol

Hey there! I am pKay; just another random with some time in my hands. So anyway, I go to UNI taking a degree in Biomedical Science. Got a part time job at customer service (and I will keep the company name hush hush so I can bitch about it ;p). Aiming for a lot of great things and trying to improve the world in my own special way. I think I won’t post on this obsessively and religiously, but let’s see how long I can keep that promise…. 

I shall post on random things… Science-ish related stuff I suppose… maybe some other general things that interest me? Some things about my life maybe?  A few YouTube vid’s? Will try to add in a touch of humor + some poorly photoshopped (i.e. Microsoft paint) images… etc etc….


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6 04 2008

So far, you are doing a great job. Keep it up. I think most blogger do blog about random things, me included. You have a niche…like reviewing books..a great talent to have….

6 04 2008

Again, thank you for the kind words :)… Oh just thought I remind you that I am unable to click on your link to your blog…. type it in your URL so more people will visit your blog 😀

Hehe I don’t know if I will be doing only book reviews. Well see how this whole blog business goes… I am still relatively new hehe.

Cheers! 🙂

7 04 2008

@sugali and pKay
The place to link your wordpress.com username to your wordpress.com blog is on the Your Profile Page.

On the new Dashboard -> Far right hand side -> Users
When the pane opens click “Your Profile”
Scroll down to “website” and type in your whole wordpress.com blog url beginning with http://
-> Update Profile to save

I hope this helps. Happy Blogging 🙂

7 04 2008

Thanks for the tip timethief! Hopefully sugali will place it in so she can get the extra viewer or two :).


7 04 2008

Thank you and thank you.,to you both pKay and especially timethief. I was oblivious to the whole thing. Learning each day. Love reading your blog pKay and I forget to write a comment. Thank you again for sharing the knowledge

7 04 2008

Yo! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Your blog seems very interesting. I thought I was in a scientific blog or something. Haha. Anyways, good luck in your uni!

9 04 2008

Very nice — and thanks for dropping by. See you around and all the very best.


10 04 2008

Great blog, dude!
I really like your writing style.

11 04 2008

Hey man..thnx for the comment on my post…, really appreciate that, and btw…cool post this one..!


12 04 2008

sugali (7/April/08): Haha no problem sugali! I am glad to hear that in this blog I am not merely talking to myself 😛

This will encourage me to blog more and more haha! Surprisingly I got a whole batch of things to write about :D… Hehe stay tuned!

KristenSoong (7/April/08): Ah no problemo. I like to visit now and again a random bunch of blogs… you never know what you might find. Ah & thanks for the compliments for my blog. As it stands, I am not sure exactly what kind of pathway I am to take and I do not like to focus on just one thing (example: Science) but rather like to throw in a bit of a variety. Anyway thank you for the luck…. All the best with you to 🙂

asianwindow (9/April/08): Thank you for the comment/compliment Namita! Feel free to visit any time..

TheLordThyGod (10/April/08): Hey thanks man! It feels good knowing I actually write in a way that gets someone reading and not want to throw up! Gives me hope for writing a book one day… Note: Does not necessarily mean I will get it published 😉

Veer (12/April/08): It’s all good Veer. Might drop in now and again to see what other list you made in your blog.

Happy Blogging!

14 04 2008

Hi pKay – thanks for dropping in my blog and appreciating it. Do come and visit again. Well, your blog is full of fun. 🙂

15 04 2008

thanks for stopping by my blog. and keep up the good work. your site is hilarious!

1 05 2008

so then, would you classify yourself as more catchy or cheesy? or maybe a catchy person coated in cheese?

1 05 2008

pKay, great blogsite you have here! I’m bookmarking it and hope to return soon to read about your adventures.

P/S Here’s a question for you: I’m now blogging with the free version of WordPress.com. If I should decide to migrate to WordPress.org, can I transfer all my WordPress blogs over?

1 05 2008

Baikong (14/April/08): Ah hey there! Wow, no sooner did I see you reply to my comment to the blog post in your blog than you post here :D… Speedy Gonzales!! hehe.. Anyhow, it’s no problem, will drop in now and again 🙂

Hehe thanks for saying good about my blog… I try 😛

Have a nice day!

bvanhaun (15/April/08): OoOo thanks for giving me the emotional boost! I shall continue to post about random stuff rather than serious political issues!

Spread the Word!

THEDAILYELEPHANT (1/May/08): Haha it is about time someone got down and deep and asked me some serious questions! Mmmmm blogger coated in cheese! Tasty!!

But to seriously answer your question: definitely cheesier. The only catchy signs I am seeing is internet thieves stealing my content after every time I post and that sucks ass!

Yeah I try to be all serious and stuff and no one listens. But then I prance around like a camel and I get a response. Hence all the cheesy goodness you see here. :p

Thanks for stopping by!

Philip (1/May/08): Why thank you Philip. Looking forward to write more of the random events and happenings of my life. I got plenty; I just need to find more time to write them all down haha!

To answer your question: Yes you can completely migrate all your blogs (and comments) from the current blog to wherever else you want to put them. To migrate however, you will need to find somewhere to host and this is not free. But anyway I am sure you know about that.

Moving is easy and all you need to do is go to “My Dashboard” –> “Manage” –> “Export” —> Then click on download export file and then you use that and import into your own host while using wordpress.org.

If you have any other problems, feel free to ask. I am no expert but I try my best!


2 05 2008

just wanted to say hi and thanks for ‘stumbling’ on my blog. yours is VERY interesting and i’ll return to wander for a bit longer when i’m not on company time. 🙂

2 05 2008

thanks, pkay, for visiting my blog. i am impressed by how global your blog connections are. thanks, timethief, for your simple wordpress tip. i am also new to blogging so it was very helpful. i’ll be checking out your blogs some more. .

2 05 2008

Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you liked my work…It’s always good to hear when people like your stuff 😀

2 05 2008

curlywurlygurly (2/May/08): Haha no problem curly. Yeah I wish I got to be able to surf the net on the computer screen I look at every day at work as well but the supervisors and managers are always right behind me hehe. I shall leave the NSFW material for later. 😉

jaredinnakano (2/May/08): Hey dude! Yeah whenever I am bored I always go on Tag Surfer on WordPress and I click and comment on anything I see interesting and the further away from where I live the better haha! Always great to have a global view of the world I say.

artworkbyaj (2/May/08): Hey there! Yeah man, if you keep making good pieces of work, you will continue to keep getting appreciation! Maybe in the future you can make good money out of the stuff you make as well. Just keep enjoying what your doing and you will go far!

Thanks again everybody!

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