Sacrifice over… for now.

30 06 2008

To many people holidays are not voyages of discovery, but a ritual of reassurance. – Philip Andrew Adams

Hey all! Miss me? Come on, say it’s true. 😉

Exams are over! The semester is over! The holidays have begun… well actually they begun a few days ago but I only settled in ‘holiday mode’ now. So then what is the first thing I do when jumping on the net? Write a blog! 😛 This is however a little note to say that all is well, all is going fine and there are no problems in my world outside of blogging! I got so many little tidbits of things to talk about and say but they will have to wait until another time (and this other time will be very very soon 🙂 ).

Just thought I would mention my little bit of thanks for all those loyal visitors that stopped by after I took time of! I was actually surprised I got above one viewer after my ~2 month hiatus from this. Glad to see there are still people who would rather procrastinate than do actual work!


Anyway, time for me to shut up. Will write again soon!





5 responses

1 07 2008
Finicky Penguin

“Procrastination fricking rules! I’m gonna go relax and see a play!”
-Abraham Lincoln

1 07 2008
Finicky Penguin

Shortly after enjoying “Carmen,” he went back to the White House and had a party.

1 07 2008

HAHAHAHA good old Abe was the party animal back in those days. 😉

2 07 2008
Finicky Penguin

Did you know that he actually had a high pitched voice?

2 07 2008

I did not know that piece of trivia. Will come in handy in Trivial pursuit though haha! 😀

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