BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY & a YouTube video.

6 05 2008

Well I am not the first blogger to say this, but far out, real life is really really busy. University reports, assignments and all those other things that make life distinct from the Internet and blogging are up and running. This makes it really difficult to blog. I really don’t understand (excluding those that get paid to blog) how people can blog 3/4 posts a day. I salute you all (or laugh at you for going a tad overboard, whatever way you want to look at it 😉 ). Oh and let’s not forget the exams that are coming up. Yay! Who’s excited?

So to finish of in some half ass sort of way (as has been done so before sadly) I will put this video I saw up here for others to see. All I can say is damn. TV is such a powerful tool to show you things that are so obvious and yet, so many people miss it and make the same mistake. The vicious cycle continues etc. Suddenly all those rapists, psychopaths and stalkers don’t seem so unreal. They were just doing what others before them have done. Nothing new. So why are we still getting shocked?

(Ah this reminds me to make a post about my views on capital punishment for some reason….I shall make a draft of that me thinks)

Anyway sorry again to all you wonderful awesome super cool readers out there (totalling zero of course but shhhh). I will try and reduce my life and spend more time on this stupid blog in future. 😀





4 responses

7 05 2008

This actually made me feel angry and sad. I knew some people do forget that they have children BUT oblivious to the impact of their actions? I cannot find a verb to describe it. Hopefully, with this being on YouTube, will contribute as a wake up call to all .

8 05 2008

Funny, I tend to blog more when I have a million tests and papers.. 😀

27 05 2008

It’s hard to believe all of the things that go on outside of one person’s life.


I’m putting you on my blogroll, Pkay.


2 06 2008

sugali (8/May/08): Yes tell me about it! It had the very same effect on me! I couldn’t agree more. Increasing awareness while not a cure will lower the amount of bad things out there. It just takes time… a lot of time. 😦

All the best sugali! I’ll be sure to drop by when I am a bit freer to have a look at your blog when I dont have university studies all over the place. 😉

soiree (8/May/08): Haha and you still manage to get through I bet. 😛 If that was me spending more time on my blog as addictive as it is, I would haven’t gone past year 11 high school a long time ago haha.

Thanks for visiting soiree!

Pomeroy! (2/June/08): Hey there Pomeroy. Sorry about the delay in reply. Have been very busy as my absence demonstrated. Thanks heaps for the blogroll add buddy! I shall return the favour to show you my gratitude. 😀


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