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1 05 2008

If there is anything the nonconformist hates worse than a conformist, it’s another nonconformist who doesn’t conform to the prevailing standard of nonconformity.Bill Vaughan

I really don’t have anything to add today (as I have a lot of real life stuff going on) so you shall not get the usual stellar blog post (ha ha). Instead I thought I blog about the directory that I just added myself into. Similar to this, if you want chuck your blog in. I do not suggest it but if you want, by all means!

Wiki Blog Directory <———-*Neon sign*———|

In case you are curious (and I know you are) I added myself to the categories: English, Australia, Humor (ha ha me funny?), Science, Blogging and Miscellaneous/Oddball (which is probably the only one that suits me).

I will make a more serious/deep/full on/ blog post tomorrow maybe. For now I am going to get back to my assignment that I started here.

Anyhow, have a great day/night!




6 responses

2 05 2008

yes. so i listed my blog on the wiki site, i’m proud to announce that i figured it out after oh, say, 3 hours. what the heck? it could be a bit more explanatory. geez!

3 05 2008
Netty Gritty

Hello pKay,
Yes, you ARE funny! I enjoy your writing style a lot. Thanks for the blog directory! 😀

3 05 2008

THEDAILYELEPHANT (2/May/08): Haha good stuff! Hopefully you shall see an increase of viewers arriving soon! Yeah the instructions kind of suck don’t they? I think they assume everyone plays around with Wikipedia when some people actually have lives and blog all day go out and stuff. 😛

Netty Gritty (3/May/08): Hey there Netty Gritty! Thanks again for visiting. Why thank you for the kind compliments. I can never get enough of those haha! Oh and no problem. I don’t think it hurts if we place our selves in places like that blog directory right?

Hehe cheers!

11 05 2009

This is interisting. Im going to have to look in to it.

24 12 2011
Mackenzie Menavusar

The only purpose of this is for me to know more of what I am and what I have been doing, an assurance that these years weren t so much of a waste after all .

1 01 2012
Adam Jones z

I see Urijah Faber, along with the usual assortment of good looking people that this kind of thing attracts.

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