The Milgram experiment

29 04 2008

This is so awesome. I had never heard of the experiment at the time I saw this video and it was a complete surprise for me at the end. I was assuming that since the research was done over 50 years ago, there was no ethics committee to tell him that what he was doing was unethical or immoral so everything was really happening. In the end though it turned out all right haha! Anyway this video below is the extended full version (I saw a 10 minute cheesy version filled with humor on spikedhumor) so it’s more educational and stuff.

Learning about psychology has never been more fun! See the wiki article for more basic details.




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3 05 2008

WOW! i actually learned about this experiment in psychology class last year! haven’t watched the video though, so this is definitely interesting. SEEING it gives me a whole new perspective on the experiment… pretty disturbing, i’d say.

by the way, thanks for stopping by my wordpress and leaving a comment! i guess a thousand-dollar dino dung is attention-grabbing after all, lol.

love your blog, keep it up! 🙂

5 05 2008

i recently watched a youtube video about the milgram experiment too.
it’s really scary how people follow the orders..

by the way, nice post!
may i quote some of your sentences for my own blog?

5 05 2008

littleBIG (3/May/08): I couldn’t agree more! To think that we are able to do such things when someone higher in authority tells us to do it. Good to always have this experiment in the back of our minds I say.

HAHA yeah, always the disgusting/disturbing/funny stuff gets the most attention. Seriousness is so not the way to go anymore. Well in the blogosphere anyway. 😉

Thanks for the visit and the kind remarks. Hope to see you visit again soon. 😀

dabinl10 (5/May/08): Why thank you dabinl10. By all means, go right ahead. I feel privileged for someone to quote something from my blog. Feel free to send me the link for me to check it out! 🙂


5 05 2008

i read your comment and came back haha
well, kiswrites is a site created by my high school..
it’s in Korea, and kis stands for Korea International School.
We are suppose to blog as it’s part of our assessment 🙂

5 05 2008

Ah cool! That must be fun to have a blog and write about it and stuff and then at the same time you get assessed by it!

Haha my high school didn’t even have a functioning website, and your school has a whole blog system! Very cool!

Anyway all the best with your assessment! Feel free to stop by in the future if you want. 😀

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