Illustrations, stolen and published in new book

24 04 2008

He that steals an egg will steal an ox.Proverbs

Thought id give a bit of support to these guys by linking them so they can get as much exposure as possible. I am not usually the activist/protester type but I can feel their pain as my blog posts (which is not worth a cent but it’s the principal that counts) get stolen from time to time by sploggers/scrappers. In this situation though, these guys are having their artwork stolen and sold on a book for a $100 bucks. Far out. Anyway hopefully something productive can be reached. In the meantime there needs to be some worldwide legal system damn it.. (Wait they already have that? Really? You don’t say….) . Anyway check it out:

My illustrations, stolen and published in new book

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Update: There has been two new developments on this situation described here and here. Glad that the event is working out!




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12 12 2009

Cool story, I did not thought this would be so amazing when I looked at your link!!

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