Ask A Ninja. You got Q, Ninja got A.

17 04 2008

Yeah, I have been a bit busy with life and homework and assignments so I haven’t posted anything full on lately. I still am quite busy actually so that’s why I am making this short.

 Anyway, who here wants to LOL. I knew there was this pirates vs ninjas craze on the Internet but I had no idea about this guy and he has been around for ages! (Shows how much I know about YouTube). God, this is probably old news, but whatever, everyone has to see this guy.

Seriously though, do check out the website or if you can’t be bothered just watch them on YouTube. I could not stop laughing at some of his random comments. Dragorgoyle. Sea serpents and Asps. Poison Ice bolts with Botulism, HAHAHAHAHAHA absolutely hilarious, *throws shuriken at you* and so on the randomness about Ninjas go. Here is one of the videos (out of many) for you to LOL about.

I look forward to posting other blog posts in the future (after I kill some assignments).

PS. I have to admit though, after viewing the 10th episode in a row I got pretty annoyed at the theme song! But apart from that they all rock.




2 responses

21 04 2008
alid abdul

whose gonna win??? hmm… i like ninja a lot…

21 04 2008

So far Ninja’s are in the lead but on Facebook the battle in Pirates vs. Ninjas is neck and neck… Haha this ninja though is very funny!!!! His review of Pirates of the Caribbean 2/3 is absolutely hilarious!

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