14 04 2008

OK so I am exaggerating with my heading a tiny bit. None-the-less this short article from the journal ‘Science’  does mention the possibility of the black hole in the centre of our Milky Way galaxy (yeah I didn’t know there was a black hole in the centre of our Milky Way galaxy either but moving on) blowing up spewing gamma radiation and other harmful radiation potentially turning us all into a bunch of mutants! (Well actually that will be if you are lucky… Think ‘I am Legend‘ scenario)

I am going to suck your blood! Cowabungaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dude!!!

Stupidity aside, near the end of the article, they give the cliched ‘well this will probably not happen, but a bunch of scientists say it’s theoretically possible‘.




 So………I am sitting on my chair, leaning on my desk, in my room, in my house, on my street…. (Fast-forward) in my solar system, in the Orion belt, in my milky way galaxy, and there is the random potential possibility that everything, and I mean everything can disappear in an instance?

It is just stunning to think that after everything that has happened, 4.5 billion years of time (evolution, dinosaurs, bacteria, Homo erectus and least of all us), can vanish with out a trace. To think that a bunch of aliens can come hovering in their spacecraft after the elimination of our Milky Way galaxy and be like “well there’s nothing but empty space here, let’s move on”….

The black hole is apparently in the middle. (Quite shiny for a black hole don’t you think?)

Furthermore all of it is just talked about in a casual, don’t worry the probability of that happening is near zero point 1 to the 89th decimal place, but the probability increases slightly over time (so in 19 billion years, the threat might be very real).

OK so where am I going with all of this? (Not very far…but anyway). Seriously though, all this talk about how we have absolutely no control in what goes on with anything outside of this earth makes me feel very small. Helpless and small… I mean what is the point of it all? It is all going to end anyway?

I don’t know what I am saying any more… But it just makes me stop and wonder sometimes…. makes me realize that, you know… I am so tiny in the big scheme of things. We all are. So what I do will not change the universe in any shape or form and I am nothing more than a clump of atoms making up a clump of molecules making up a clump of cells.

Aaaargh I feel your confusion freakazoid.

But wait…. what is the point though of being on this earth? If I am so insignificant…? There must be some point. Some reason. I dont’ know how to put it into words… When people have written entire libraries about this kind of deep and meaningful intellectual shit, what chances do I have in a little measly blog post that is even less significant than me! 

I don’t know. Reading that article just reminded me of that scene in Men in Black (well the ending actually so I am not going to spoil it even though everyone has already seen it). So to sum up the above:  I just touched on in a number of issues in an incoherent fashion about blah. Hence I think I am just going to stop typing and leave most of the philosophy for the philosophers.

Answer to Life.png

One opinion of the meaning of life.

But still, I can’t help wondering stuff sometimes at night when articles like the above prompt me to it… Maybe I should take up a hobby to stop having excess time to think about stuff. Like that assignment that got dished out recently hey?




7 responses

15 04 2008

Well this entry was difficult to wade through! I get what you mean though, I think. It makes you feel like you may as well already not exist for all the difference it will really make anyway. And what’s the point of doing anything when it will all be gone and forgotten in the end? And what’s with shiny black holes?

🙂 doctor007.

15 04 2008

hahaha, this proves a number of things:

1. I should stay clear from deep and meaningful intellectual crap.
2. I should stay clear from the meaning of life and things I am not able to fully comprehend
3. I should stick to science related subjects that involve my course in some shape or form (biology, chemistry, psychology, microbiology, genetics, none of this metaphysical or astronomical space crap)
4. LOL Shiny black holes! There are two reasons for this (short & long):
-Short: the artist does not know that there is black hole in the middle! (Neither did I)
-Long: I think I read somewhere (astrology book? Wikipedia maybe?) a long time ago that the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy has the highest density of stars in the entire galaxy, hence why it’s depicted as such (all bright and stuff). So the black hole is only one black hole (which used to be a star anyway) so it’s one black hole versus 48 billion stars. I tend to exaggerate my points on my blog 😀

Oh and btw you were right with your thoughts, that was exactly what I was thinking… But in a confused mood/state as I was when I was writing that blog post up. When I am more cheerful I actually make up valid meanings for my existence and I have reasons for being here. I might post my dad’s version here soon as well :).

Cheers dude! Hehe, my blog doesn’t feel so empty anymore now that people comment now and again 😀

16 04 2008

So the black hole is being hen-pecked by the billions of stars…isn’t that always the way? lol

Dude, I’m glad people are commenting on your blog, because it’s definately not empty. I find that if I write a blog which I feel will encourage feedback and it’s met with crushing silence, then I’ve missed the point and failed to communicate my desire to discuss with others.


19 04 2008

Life is full of mystery that even all the metaphysical doctors of the world will not be able to dicipher the real meaning of life as it exists. You ask a very valid question as to why we might as well not exists…….hard question, my friend. Meanwhile you go ace all your science assignments, don’t worry about comments, people of like mind will find your blog…..


19 04 2008

doctor007 (16/April/08): LOL there always has to be one of those analogies in these blogs haha :p

Ah thanks man. I suppose with time the commenting will be more stable (still a newbie in this I keep saying to myself) and at the end, I am not going for something that occurs in the most popular blogs where they get 89 comments per post. But I figure with every 200th or so viewer at least one of them saying: hey you suck or hey keep it up goes a long way 😀 (haha my own little internet ego, I still have to have a life outside of this as well so it’s not the end of the world)

Cheers dude!

sugali (19/April/08): Haha thanks as always sugali :)…. Yeah I can’t imagine working a job like that. I would get frustrated and demand answers when no one has any haha!

Hehe, good advice, I think I will get working on all my assignments. Then when all of those are finished, in a month or so I better start preparing for my exams… *sigh*, they are always much more fun in hindsight! At least the mid year holidays look promising!

20 11 2009

This is dumb=/
sorry but like reallyy

30 05 2010

I am actually even MORE weirded out cause at church they told me the world is only 5000 years old according 2 the bible. WHAT AM I MEANT 2 BELIEVE?
And weirded out!
anyway does anybody actually KNOW what is in the center of the universe?

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