Million Blog List. An experiment.

13 04 2008

In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself.Albert Einstein

Well I suppose I will get on the bandwagon and place my blog here. Even though it will probably be used for malicious spam purposes, I suppose that’s what AKISMET is for right?…….Right?

Put your blog if you want… Whatever, I’m a sheep (see 3rd definition)…. BAHHHHHHH bahhhhhhhhhhh…. And so on..

 Million Blog List  <———-*Neon sign*———|

So I am endorsing this by putting this here right? Hmmm

ROCK ON!!!! So it goes…. (If you didn’t get that, don’t worry I will write up a book review one day about it).




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