The Apocalypse is near!

27 03 2008

If by near, you mean 7.59 billion years! This article from the Times gives a bit of an account of what will happen to the earth when that dreadful day is to arrive. But seriously… does anyone really worry about this? Apart from the miscellaneous amount of interest it produces, a billion years is a really really REALLY long time! Hell a 100 years is a long time! The article goes on to say what “humanity” will go on to do when that dreadful day comes.

 To be fair the article says that we only have 1 billion years left (not 7.59); because by then the sun will expand and be bright enough to evaporate the oceans of the earth… you can put together the rest. However will humans still be around in a billion years time? That’s a lot of generations down the track and I would be amazed if humanity lives in another million years, let alone billion.




1). How would you like to see the world explode?

 a). Global Warming

 b). Alien Invasion

 c). Nuclear Winter

 d). Satan attacks the pentagon

 e). Meteor impact

 f). Godzilla comes out of Japan

 g). Some of the above + more

 Honestly, all of the above have higher chances of coming along quicker than humanity witnessing the end of the world via engulfment by the sun.

On a plus side though, at least we are given ample time to prepare ourselves for this disaster. All the other ones were not quite ready yet.




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