Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that I abuse for my assignment(s)!

31 03 2008

Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales

So I just finished another batch of my never-ending assignments! Both of them are due tomorrow and it turned out quite annoying that both assignments from different subjects would be due on the same day. I was surely doomed to fail… How was I to complete two 1,500 hundred word assignments within the short period of time!? All about proteins, ions, carbohydrates and potassium

‘FAIL FAIL FAIL’, spat the first assignment topic!!

‘You got no chance tool‘, said the other topic… 

But then just when all was lost…. When misery was beginning to ensue, when that sense of feeling like crap came in….. when all was just about too late…. something happened… what’s that… through the internet jungle mist…. past all the vast repositories of on-line porn(HAHA I bet you clicked on it, PERV!), past all the club penguin word-press blogs, past any blog technorati can grab with it’s tenticles on….. there glowing slightly far of in the distance…. is Wikipedia!

Ah, all was not lost! I discarded all those unneeded websites that I was goggling, banished the hoard of club penguin blogs, told technorati to shut-up and ping me another day…. I went to Wikipedia…. climbed into it’s temple (sexual innuendo?) and it gave me everything I needed to know…. The blasted ass-ignments, no longer a threat wrote themselves. 

 I had now finished on time, two assignment beast’s and I am proud for my victory. I can now throw them in the bottomless pigeon hole where they will reach the nether realm of the university den infested with skeksies -er I mean professors.

^Notice how the said individual’s evil eye is portrayed, signifying their lust for constant supplies of assignments!*

[Think really fast advertisement voice]*Above image may not be representative of all evil lecturers, variations may apply, for premature ejaculation do see your physician.

They will analyze the beastly assignments around their dark crys… er Meeting room (aka coffeDrinksR-us), glancing at their disgusting appearance (stainingthem on occasion), then throwing them into the fiery pit, (Aka ‘student assignment collection chute’) where those brave enough to venture into that hall observe the charred remains of these disgusting creatures (10/10?fail?pass?).

……Ugh OK I think that’s enough role play for one blog….  To sum up:Wikipedia rocks, and had it not been for it’s ease of access of so many articles on so many scientific terms and topics, I surely would have had no chance at still being at UNI. Since I first used the Calcium article verbatim for my chemistry project (“Ass Q’s: write about calcium”) back in year 12, to the current battle, Wikipedia helps me through the way….and with that, I am forever grateful.

 Great to see Wikipedia at 10 milion articles (English version with 2.3 mil) Can’t wait to celebrate the 20 millionth article with the 5th million English Wikipedia article….. I wonder what will be the 20 millionth Wikipedia article? A club penguin blog of notability perhaps?


There are no opposing views….. Everyone loves Wikipedia…. You love wikipedia…. Come give Wikipedia a hug…. (1984 ref… and I can’t be bothered making another damn link Lol)




Randy Pausch – Last Lecture

29 03 2008

So I managed to find this video in one piece. Not like my previous attempt at posting up videos on my blog. So annoying! Anyway this is a lecture given by Randy Pausch and without giving too much away (for the few that have not seen it yet) I advise you to watch it in it’s entirety (it goes for well over an hour though so don’t watch it at work haha) as I think it is absolutely incredible (and trust me, the ending is really worth it, so don’t stop half way)! Anyway I hope you enjoy the lecture.  

The Apocalypse is near!

27 03 2008

If by near, you mean 7.59 billion years! This article from the Times gives a bit of an account of what will happen to the earth when that dreadful day is to arrive. But seriously… does anyone really worry about this? Apart from the miscellaneous amount of interest it produces, a billion years is a really really REALLY long time! Hell a 100 years is a long time! The article goes on to say what “humanity” will go on to do when that dreadful day comes.

 To be fair the article says that we only have 1 billion years left (not 7.59); because by then the sun will expand and be bright enough to evaporate the oceans of the earth… you can put together the rest. However will humans still be around in a billion years time? That’s a lot of generations down the track and I would be amazed if humanity lives in another million years, let alone billion.




1). How would you like to see the world explode?

 a). Global Warming

 b). Alien Invasion

 c). Nuclear Winter

 d). Satan attacks the pentagon

 e). Meteor impact

 f). Godzilla comes out of Japan

 g). Some of the above + more

 Honestly, all of the above have higher chances of coming along quicker than humanity witnessing the end of the world via engulfment by the sun.

On a plus side though, at least we are given ample time to prepare ourselves for this disaster. All the other ones were not quite ready yet.

inequity, inequity, inequity!

25 03 2008

So I came across an incredible speech today. Great to see that there are people like Bill Gates spreading the message across. Thought id share it with anyone who cares to have a look at it, as it deserves a lot more viewers than what it has at the moment. Currently the clip has only been viewed 100,000 times (the subsequent parts even less). On the other hand strange (some might say “wacked”) clips like “Charlie the Unicorn” have 21 million views. Disgusting! Anyway hope you enjoy the speech:

 Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

& Finally Part 5:

PS. I too am annoyed at the fact that the speech was divided up into five parts… 😡

Stupid WhoreBags!!!

24 03 2008

We don’t have to protect the environment, the Second Coming is at hand.James Watt 

Well first of all, I think I better clear up the heading of this blog. According to the “urban dictionary” a ‘WhoreBag’ has many definitions, many of which are similar in meaning. A new definition is needed however: a more literal meaning. Some of the people who shop at our retail outlets and supermarkets should readily inherit the title. That is, someone that overindulges and overuses the right to take as many plastic bags as they desire. No I am not talking about general plastic bag usage. When going shopping at your local supermarket it is understandable to be given plastic bags to package all of your items. Not doing so is in fact cumbersome in taking the items out of the trolley-in the car-out of the car (and everyone should respect the few that actually do this). However to demand multiple plastic bags is just disgusting. Working in retail, I see first hand the general abuse many selfish and greedy customers undertake. They demand numerous plastic bags for one reason or another (to place on their bins is one excuse)…. But why abuse this? Aren’t the 30 bags that covered your shopping enough? Does a pack of condoms really need a plastic bag? Does a stick of gum? Hell no.


















So thankfully, change is being encouraged. Now it is looked at in a negative manner whenever someone asks for 39 plastic shopping bags in case their other 47 plastic bags that you gave them break, tear or biodegrade from the harsh weather conditions (because Australia has experienced so much rain in the past 10 years). But does that stop people from wanting more? Of course not. Ignorance is probably bliss (yes yes cliche cliche, so sue me!) and many are too stubborn to give a damn about what others think. The only solution is of course hitting them where it hurts…. The hip pocket. In Ireland there has been a 90% reduction in plastic bag usage. Why? Every bag that a customer uses is charged at 15 euro cents (recently increased to 22 cents). Wait did you say a 90% reduction?! Can you believe that? It’s a miracle!


 So for example: from 1 billion bags being used and taken by customers, now only 100 million bags are being used. Still sounds like a lot of bags but at only 10% of the original amount, it is a great improvement. What’s funny is that this began in the year 2002. Yup that’s right 6 bloody years ago, when words such as carbon footprint didn’t exist, oil was hovering around a dollar a liter, and Greenpeace was looked at as a bunch of hippies (well some things don’t change I suppose). China decided to introduce the ban of giving away shopping bags for free sometime in June! Well done. Australia decided to implement the ban of free bags sometime this year (next year?). I suppose everyone is different in how quick they do things. We should all be thankful that some countries are even deciding to take some measures.


So when you are out shopping for stuff that you don’t need, for clothes you are never going to wear, and for food filled with fat and cholesterol, consider not abusing the system and taking 59 plastic shopping bags as extras. One shopping bag is more than enough ok? Haha though I suppose when the 10 cent (or however much it will cost) charge on plastic bags is introduced, that will solve everything and will prevent some of the ferals ravaging your supermarket demanding an infinite amount of plastic bags. I am counting down the days…

a). Bags break!

b). I need to have more bags to place on my bins

c). Customer service sucks…. I am taking my revenge on having as much shopping bags possible



a). If the checkout operator is incompetent enough to allow bags to break (i.e. by placing 54 million items in one bag), then tell him so and advise him to not put so much in them. Understandably there are a lot of jackass workers at some retail stores but most have a brain with a minimal amount of neural connections, hence making them able to listen to the customer’s common sense.

b). You can always buy the ones they sell at Safeway or Coles? But they cost money… So I understand where you’re coming from. What will you do when the world wide levy is introduced? Make your own bags?

c). Write a complaint… Better yet, speak to the manager/head manager about the concern. They will more often than not do something about it. If nothing is done, take the mater further and if all else fails, shop somewhere else. Incompetent work areas need to suffer.

See also:

*Australian government stance

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Every click counts..

22 03 2008

I like rice. Rice is great if you’re hungry and want 2000 of something. –  Mitch Hedberg



It all started sometime in October 2007. A simple vocab game where you try and guess the correct meaning of the word from the 4 choices given. For every word you get correct, you won 10 grains of rice (and this has gone up to 20). FreeRice 6 months on has now expanded to be something phenomenal. Every day roughly 100 million grains of rice are donated (which equates to about $600 US). Not bad for doing practically nothing! Every day when I jump on the computer I spend about 5-10 minutes donating 500-1500 grains of rice a day! It is not much and in monetary terms it only equates to like 0.000000000003 cents but the cumulative effect is enormous! The grand total as of late march is 23 billion grains of rice. Enough to feed about 1 million people, so says the World Food Program. 

I will be frank; I have never donated before in my entire life. Never, nothing, zilch, nada and so on. Anytime Oxfam or “help Darfur” or any other charity organization knocks on my door, I open to see who it is and before they even say hi I will close it right back. Anytime I get a letter or see an advert in print or TV saying how many people are dying of hunger I simply change the channel or throw the advert away. Sad  as it may sound, I am not in the minority. But anyway will I donate in the future? Maybe… Currently my part time job in no way gives me the opportunity or the “privilege” to donate now. With FreeRice though, it is quite different. It doesn’t cost me a thing, and I end up donating! How can anyone say no to that? Of course it is not the same as putting in your own money, but it is better than doing nothing…. Hence that’s what it has been for the past few years. Not donating anything and no commercial of a crying boy or Pulitzer Prize winning picture about a dying kid getting followed by a vulture will force me to change.

 So for many of you out there, in such a similar position, give FreeRice a go. 5 minutes a day is plenty. Do more if it doesn’t interrupt too much with the hectic schedule of the 21st century! You might learn a new word or two and you might give someone the opportunity to live old enough to see Malaria, AIDS, or even a civil war (just kidding: replace the previous 3 with education, pleasure, freedom) … Now if there was only some way to quench the other necessities in life… hopefully someone else can invent a website for that…





*What do others think?

 a).FreeRice is a load of crap! Only 20 grains of rice!?? That is nothing!

b). FreeRice is not enough!

c). You should teach a man how to fish, not just give him constant supplies of fish!! 

-There are of course many more arguments (feel free to post your views) but these were the ones I can think of. Now my quick response:

a). Well again, it is better than nothing. I think those receiving these donations see it as a blessing. Considering it is also given for free (the ad’s pay for it), I don’t see how people can complain about that.

b). Yeah your right. It is not enough. Do consider donating for less than a dollar a day and you can see one of your sponsored orphans see it past grade 4.

c). That is a good point. However the political situation in many parts of the world makes it so that the third world countries STAY third world countries. As politically incorrect as it sounds, that’s how the economies of the world work and it is very difficult for many third world countries to lift themselves out of poverty. (Corruption doesn’t help…). So in the meantime, while FreeRice is not the solution to world peace, it alleviates those starving to death at least for a few more days. In fact the first donations of rice actually went to a refugee camp (which seem to be in no real way of surviving had it not been from foreign aid). 


See also: 

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*World Food Program

*The hunger site – Similar in concept to FreeRice, you click on a few buttons, look at some ads and money gets donated to charity organizations.

*Facebook FreeRice group – A small Facebook group dedicated to FreeRice.


Thanks for reading. Any comments are more than welcome.